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 We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

 --Albert Einstein

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scales1Would you work for you, if you were your boss?  Let's take a closer look.  Do you show up on time, ready, willing and able to work?  Do you meet your commitments, on time and on budget?  Do you keep your team informed as well as you are informed?  Do you meet your expectations?   Do you write and speak clearly?  Are you giving 100%?  Are you the model employee?  How is your work/life balance?  Do you manage your people like they were widgets?  Or do you lead your people like they were . . . ah . . . people? 

Do you “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?

Dozens of philosophies have discussed or professed their own variation on this Law of Reciprocity for at least four thousand of years.  It sounds great.  Is it just a Sunday morning thing? Or can you use it all week? 

“Do unto others . . .” is not a passive statement.  It is a very active obligation.  Almost a command.  “Do It!”  It requires your action not reaction.  Which means you have to look for and find things to do unto others.  Decades ago, the saying was MBWA.  “Management by walking around.”  Not behind your desk.  Walking around.  Look at stuff.  Look at people.  Talk to people.  Years ago while in Corporate America, the executives of a certain company joked about MBWA. They thought that the only thing between their reserved parking spaces in the basement and their executive offices on the top floor of the building was the floor that had the lunchroom.  They needed a building map and usually a guide to get them to all the departments they were to visit.   

Recently, a popular book expounds the Platinum Rule is more applicable for work or for life in general.  “Do unto others as they'd like done unto them.”  This rule is also great.  It requires just a little more work.  What do “they” want done unto them?  It requires research and communicating with your team. More walking around and talking.  While I was in the service, decades ago, all the officers were required to keep a small wire bound notebook and pen with them at all times.  We were required to keep notes on our platoon members.  Not take notes in front of the troops, but once out of sight, record the casual and brief discussions, what we heard and what we saw.  It was just a memory jogger and not for any formal documentation.  At any time the company commander or battalion commander could ask for your notebook and you better have it.  It was a very formal process to insure we actually MBWA.

Both rules are valid.  Both rules are valuable.  I would just like to see more use of them at work.  The bare minimum would be the Golden Rule, with aspirations toward the Platinum Rule.

Do you see any evidence of precious metals in your organization?

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